The term wireless charging was officially introduced in the past seven or seven years. Later, domestic mobile phone manufacturers gradually joined in. The variety of wireless chargers is also increasing, and its purpose is to replace wired charging. In order to improve the charging efficiency, reduce or eliminate the impact of current on our mobile phone, or eliminate the safety hazard when we charge!

The main difference between this item is its appearance, which is characterized by its diversity of functions. But overall, these three are the main forms. The first one is the difference in appearance. Since each one takes time, they don't know how to change the function of these things, even when there is no change, they change the color or the materials. Wait. There is also the ability to take it, and there are also three-dimensional use, which makes it more convenient for people who use it!

The second is to change to the concept that can fill a lot of mobile phones, since the fruit was published in a year or seven. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers have begun to try to make finished products, hoping that they can take the lead in hitting a market. The third is to slowly change its charging speed. For its future development, a certain Xin believes that it will have higher efficiency and higher compatibility in the future. Let it not only be charged on a flat surface, it will become a new, free form of charging, increasing the speed of charging. And later, it can be changed not only to charge the phone, but also to charge small power, such as watches, bracelets and so on. After such a long period of research, it has been applied to many fields. Products such as mobile phones have basically become popular in life.

Nowadays people are relying more and more on mobile phones, and their development is very fast, but no matter how it upgrades, how beautiful looks, how easy the software is to our lives, and the battery life is still unsolvable. problem. Sometimes we have no way, only when charging, we also play mobile phones, and the line is a length that can't be controlled. We can't go back and forth, so this is to solve this problem. Although a certain Novo and a star had already said this problem many years ago, it was only when last year when a certain fruit announced that they wanted this thing, it really got people's attention!

But in comparison, where is it good? Its biggest advantage is that it can be easily charged by placing the phone on it, omitting many steps. There is also the ability to prevent us from inserting and damaging the socket on the mobile phone. It increases the use time of the mobile phone to a certain extent, and it is also gone. If the outside of the line is broken, there is leakage, etc. These safety hazards can be hours. . Finally, it allows us to listen to music while charging!

However, as we have seen, when our mobile phone is on the top, it still needs to be wired. In fact, it looks like it is no different from ordinary ones. Although they say they can be recharged without wires, they are not, and it charges very slowly. Although it seems that its existence does not have much effect. But on the whole, its emergence is the trend of the past two years. The future mobile phone should be like this. In addition, its current shortcomings will be changed by new technologies in the future. On the TV, there is already a very powerful technology that can be charged within half a meter and the charging speed is also increased.

Therefore, although it has no effect at present, we must believe that it will become more excellent in the future, and then get rid of the current charging wire limit, and truly achieve wireless charging effect!